5 Steps to a Better Divorce Outcome

By | Published On: February 13, 2015

Every person who is getting a divorce wants a good outcome. But sometimes you are your own worst enemy. Here are five steps you can take to increase the likelihood of positive results in your divorce.

1. Hire an experienced family law attorney and then listen to and follow their advice

Although your friend or your co-worker means well and wants to be helpful, the facts of their divorce are almost certain to be different from yours.  It may be tempting to take their guidance; however, you will get a better result if you follow the advice of a competent family law lawyer who will customize a solution for your unique situation.

2. Get a second opinion

If the advice you’re getting from your attorney just doesn’t add up for you, get a second opinion from another seasoned lawyer.  An experienced and competent attorney won’t be threatened and you’ll be in a position to make an informed decision – one way or another.

3. Use professionals who specialize in the expertise you need

Often divorce involves emotional and financial issues as well as legal ones. You may be able to save time and improve the efficiency of your divorce by working with professionals who are skilled in addressing the non-legal issues of your divorce, including a mental health professional and/or a financial specialist.

4. Focus on what is most important and develop realistic expectations

As you work through the issues in your divorce with your attorney, continually assess and revise the goals you hope to achieve. By maintaining your focus on those goals that are most important, you can eliminate unnecessary legal work and be in a better position to move forward successfully after divorce.

5. Keep your children out of adult issues and conflict

Try to avoid the temptation to tell your children what your spouse has done or to try to get them to see your “side” of things. Your children will benefit, and you’ll be a better parent in the long run if you allow your children to maintain their love and respect for both parents. You can’t undo the future harm you may be causing your children by talking negatively about your spouse and putting them in the middle.

Marina Barannik is a family law attorney and founding partner of Tucker PLLC. To learn more about the divorce process, email  mbarannik@tuckerfamilylaw.com or schedule a consultation here.

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