Reconciling real needs for support with your unique circumstances.

Through sensible support agreements with long-term viability.

Divorce is an upsetting time for both parents and children as they face an uncertain future. Tucker family law attorneys are experienced at protecting the interests of the clients they serve, while working toward fair and equitable settlements for all concerned.

The client facing divorce is understandably anxious about the financial future. You may wonder where you will live, what type of budget you will have to live on, and who will pay for your child’s shoes, piano lessons, or tutoring.

The issue of financial support for children and/or the economically-dependent spouse is a critically important consideration in the divorce process, and assuring that these matters receive meticulous analysis and preparation is one of the highest priorities of our Family Law attorneys.

Child Support

In the context of divorce, children are entitled to receive support from both parents. The most common arrangement is for one parent to provide the primary home for a child and for the other parent to pay child support.

In cases where children spend roughly equal time with each parent, the parent with greater financial resources makes a cash payment to the other parent in addition to providing a home base for the child.

Child support is generally calculated using statutory guidelines that take into account:

  • Both parents’ respective incomes
  • The costs for insuring the children’s health
  • Costs for childcare to allow for employment, and the custodial arrangement between the parents.


Alimony provides an economically-dependent spouse with financial support after the marriage ends. It is provided when a dependent spouse needs support and the other spouse has the financial ability to pay the support after meeting his or her own needs. The fundamental principle underlying alimony is sometimes called “the intersection between need and ability to pay.”

The factors influencing the amount of alimony and the period of time it will be paid include:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Contributions of the economically-dependent spouse to the well-being of the family
  • The financial circumstances of the parties

Protecting Your Interests

Tucker’s lawyers are skillful advocates in the litigation, negotiation, mediation and Collaborative practice processes.

We are well-positioned geographically to address your interests. Our attorneys are admitted to practice in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. Choice-of-law and venue issues arise regularly in our metropolitan area where families are often split and/or move across state lines. When these situations arise, we can advise you on which jurisdiction is most friendly to your interests.