Advocating for fair division without being divisive.

Handling everything from straightforward valuations to complex equity and portfolios.

The division of marital property can be complicated. The wider the variety of your assets, and the more intricately your ownership is designed, the more challenging it will be to untangle everything. Tucker Family Law attorneys are experienced in the analysis, assessment and valuation of assets — while also bringing an objective view toward achieving fair and equitable shares.

Our Family Law attorneys have in-depth experience handling the full spectrum of issues related to dividing assets — from straightforward cases involving the marital home, cars, furniture, and bank and retirement accounts to more complex cases involving family limited partnerships, law firm partnerships, stock options and deferred compensation, and real estate development projects.

Thorough Scrutiny Required

Assets such as brokerage accounts or real estate have hidden tax consequences that must be taken into account at the time of division. Closely-held business interests or copyright or patent rights are complex to value, and assets such as pensions and retirement interests are complicated to divide properly due to overlapping federal and state law.

With experience across all types of asset classes, we bring dogged persistence and clarity to the valuation of both real and personal property, bringing to bear particular understanding of:

  • Divorce tax
  • Pension and retirement interests
  • Real estate transfers
  • Tracing marital and non-marital property
  • Stock options, severance benefits and other employment-related perquisites

Tracing Asset Origins

In Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, the law gives the court the power to divide the marital property of a divorcing couple, but not non-marital property that has been acquired by inheritance or gift. Using forensic experts, we have been able to successfully trace such assets, enabling clear distinctions to be made between marital and non-marital or separate property.

With your unique goals and priorities foremost, we will develop and advocate for a division of assets that addresses and secures your long-term financial well-being.