Solving the challenges associated with extensive assets.

Including assets that are difficult to value and/or divide.

Tucker attorneys are adept at negotiating the handling of extensive assets during separation or divorce. This may include premarital property, assets subject to other legal settlements and arrangements, valuable art and intellectual property. While addressing immediate needs, our creative strategies also consider your long-term vision for personal and financial well-being.

There are often extensive assets to address; some are difficult to value, others are difficult to divide. Determining whether assets were acquired before or during the marriage is also a critically important task.

Many of our clients are high-net-worth individuals, so we are experienced in handling all of the complexities of these divorces with creativity and discretion. We begin by helping you develop your vision for your life after divorce, including learning about which assets are most important to your long-term financial well-being and whether you want to continue working at your current level into the future. After we understand your needs and preferences, we develop a strategic plan to achieve your goals.

Special Asset Considerations

Our experience includes handling high-net-worth divorces involving:

  • Difficult-to-value assets, such as investments that have not yet begun to yield a profit, intellectual property rights, and antique and other collections   
  • Difficult-to-divide assets, such as shares in closely-held corporations and country club memberships
  • Assets already subject to legal documents, including prenuptial agreements, trust instruments, and settlement agreements from prior marriages

Collaboration and Vigorous Advocacy

If you are already working with trusted advisors, such as financial planners, accountants, or trust and estates attorneys, we will collaborate with them and leverage their expertise. We will also bring in additional experts as necessary, including appraisers to value real estate and art, and business valuators to value closely-held corporations. Finally, we will be vigorous advocates for your needs, whether in negotiation, mediation, or the Collaborative process, or — if necessary– litigation.