Building consensus through constructive communication.

A proven process to help keep the parties out of court.

Many divorcing couples reach a settlement of their issues through the negotiation process. When this process is chosen each spouse retains his or her own attorney, who works to understand their client’s priorities and goals as well as the issues and facts of the case. After all pertinent information has been amassed and analyzed, proposals are put forward by each side and negotiations begin. When successful, the result is a mutually-agreed-upon divorce settlement that keeps the parties out of court.

Our Family Law attorneys are veteran negotiators. We have a thorough understanding of the applicable law and also have the deep listening skills and experience to understand the unique issues and emotional nuances of each case. We build constructive channels of communication with opposing counsel, and maintain the objectivity that is critical to effectively guide you through the process.

Step One: Collect Information

The first step of the negotiation process involves collecting and sharing information, such as:

  • Documents that identify and quantify assets and liabilities
  • Financial statements
  • Documents regarding inherited or gifted assets
  • Cash flow analyses
  • Information about the children’s schedules, activities, and special needs

Step Two: Develop and Exchange Proposals

When the facts and goals are clear and pertinent information has been analyzed, settlement proposals are developed and exchanged. Our expertise in divorce tax, finance, small business matters, mental health and addiction issues, and pension and retirement benefits is brought to bear at this juncture in the case.

Neutral experts may also be called in to advance the process. For example, a mental health professional might help the parents develop a custody schedule and financial experts might be used to value closely-held business interests.

Step Three: Assess Proposals, Reach Agreement

As experienced trial lawyers who have resolved many divorce cases through the courts, we know the range of likely outcomes for particular cases if negotiations should fail and the case goes to trial. This knowledge often enables us to clear impediments and assist our clients to reach agreement out of court.

Highly regarded in the legal community, our attorneys are creative problem-solvers who know what it takes to get the job done. Efficient and cost effective, we always keep our clients’ best interests and objectives front and center.