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January 27, 2021

Divorce Litigation

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With litigators who consistently produce favorable outcomes. Litigation, or the court-based system, is one of the process choices available to those facing a divorce or other family law controversy. It is the [...]

January 27, 2021

International Custody

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Including multiple languages and disparate legal systems. The usual challenges of divorce and custody resolution in the United States are compounded when either spouse is a foreign national, or the family has [...]

January 27, 2021

High Asset Divorce

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Including assets that are difficult to value and/or divide. Tucker attorneys are adept at negotiating the handling of extensive assets during separation or divorce. This may include premarital property, assets subject to [...]

January 27, 2021

Division of Assets

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Handling everything from straightforward valuations to complex equity and portfolios. The division of marital property can be complicated. The wider the variety of your assets, and the more intricately your ownership is [...]

January 27, 2021

Collaborative Divorce

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"Although I have been through very difficult moments in the past months, the Collaborative process has empowered me and has also had the positive effect of helping my husband and me to [...]

January 27, 2021

Domestic Violence & Protection Orders

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A deep commitment to successful settlements and outcomes Whether representing domestic violence victims or the unjustly accused, Tucker family law attorneys focus on achieving outcomes that ensure safety for all concerned. Their [...]

January 27, 2021

Child Custody & Paternity

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The complexities of a divorce are especially hard on children. At Tucker family law, their needs are always a top priority. Our attorneys are ready to provide valuable counsel for whatever stage [...]

January 25, 2021


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By providing creative, practical outside-the-box guidance. With the voluntary and non-binding process of mediation, a skilled facilitator helps the parties move toward settling impasses and building consensus. As appointed neutral mediators or [...]

January 25, 2021

Post Divorce Disputes

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Including changes in income, custody needs and child health. The purpose of a divorce agreement is to attain closure and finality. However, a change of circumstances — such as negative/positive income, evolving [...]

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